While the Maryville Housing Authority provides a particular service to Blount County residents, several area organizations offer a wide range of services.


Blount County Community Action Agency

Website: www.blountcaa.org

PH: 983-8411

Program through BCCAA:

  • Office on Aging: The Office on Aging provides information and education for elderly communities and provides information on a range of services, including caregiving and Medicare. It also created and manages the SMiles senior-friendly transportation program, which offers essential trips within Blount County to non-driving older adults age 60+ through volunteers who drive their vehicles.
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program:This organization provides annual one-time assistance with home energy costs to eligible low-income households. To qualify, an individual or household must meet the 126% Federal Poverty Guidelines and 60% State Median Incomes. The Energy Crisis intervention component provides services to homes that are subject to life-threatening conditions without immediate intervention to address their critical energy-related needs.
  • Commodity Food Distribution:Eligibility criteria: Proof of Blount County residency; Self-declaration of income (150% of federal poverty guidelines).
  • Smoky Mountain Meals on Wheels:  This service provides a nutritious midday meal Monday through Friday to Blount County residents 60 years or older who are confined to their homes and unable to prepare meals for themselves. Priority is given to those with the greatest need.



Good Neighbors

Website: www.goodneighborsbc.org


Good Neighbors can provide limited financial assistance, such as partial payment of past due bills for life’s basic needs (utilities, rent, etc.). The group can also assist with navigating how to work with other agencies in Blount County, as well as advocacy for an individual to meet his/her needs.


Family Promise

Website: blountfamilypromise.org

PH: 865-233-4737

Family Promise is designed to help families experiencing homelessness find the resources they need to find safe shelter and reach sustainable independence.

Heaven Sent

PH: 865-977-8882

Heaven Sent Home provides temporary emergency shelter for women and children.


Maryville City School, Family Resource Center

Website: https://www.maryville-schools.org/central-office/family-resource-center


  • Working through Maryville City Schools, the Family Resource Center is intended to provide resources for families with school-age children that allow them to support their students. Services provided include:
  • Clothing
  • School Supplies
  • Assistance with Food Insecurity
  • Help with Vision Exams and Correction
  • Access to Hygiene Supplies
  • Access to Cleaning Supplies
  • Transportation Services
  • Educational Toys and Games
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Assisting with truancy referrals
  • Educational Assistance for Parents and Students

Assistance with Rent and Utilities

East Tennessee Housing Authority

Athens Housing Authority

Call 423-745-0341

Cleveland Housing Authority

Call 423-479-9659 or visit www.clevelandhousingauthority.org

Cookeville Housing Authority

Call 931-526-9793 or visit www.highlandsrs.com

Dayton Housing Authority

Call 423-775-1871 or visit www.daytonhousingauthority.org

Etowah Housing Authority

Call 423-263-2674

Greeneville Housing Authority

Call 423-638-3111

Harriman Housing Authority

Call 865-882-9636

Kingsport Housing Authority

Call 423-245-0135 or visit www.kingsporthousing.org

Knoxville Community Development Corp.

Call 865-403-1100 or visit www.kcdc.org

Lenoir City Housing Authority

Call 865-986-8707 or visit www.lcityha.com

Loudon Housing Authority

Call 865-458-2061

Newport Housing Authority

Call 423-623-1575

Sevierville Housing Authority

Call 865-453-5504

Sweetwater Housing Authority

Call 423-337-6224

Other Blount County Apartments

Atchley Apartments

Call 865-982-0572

Grayson Apartments (Alcoa)

Call 865-982-3427

Laurel Branch

Call 865-977-7781 or visit www.royalamerican.com

Gardenvale Apartments

Call 865-984-0712

Horizon House

Call 865-525-7500

Overlook Apartments

Call 865-268-5884

Foothills Village Apartments

Call 865-724-1177

Housing and Urban Development

Call 865-545-4370 or visit ww.hud.gov


  1. Income Limits: Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Programs are based on household size (# of persons) and cannot exceed “Low (80%)” of Median income for public housing and “Very Low (50%)” for the housing choice voucher program (and Broadway Towers). These amounts are updated annually by HUD and are available on HUD's website (see "Links") or at the main office.
  2. References: Previous landlord references are required and are verified to help determine your eligibility. In addition, if you owe money to a previous landlord or another federal housing assistance program, your application will not be approved until restitution has been made.
  3. Criminal History: National Criminal Background checks are conducted on all adult applicants. Past criminal activity may result in denial of housing assistance.

   **HUD places a high priority on preventing fraud. If you provide false or incomplete information on your application, you may be prohibited from receiving future assistance.**

Applications for public housing and the Housing Choice Voucher Program are available during office hours at Maryville Housing Authority’s main office located at 311 Atlantic Avenue, also at Broadway Towers High Rise at 132 West Broadway Avenue, however, the most convenient way to apply is to download an application from the downloads page and send it to us by fax or mail. Please follow the instructions as incomplete or unreadable applications will not be accepted. Applicants providing fraudulent information will be denied assistance. Once an application is processed and approved, the applicant will be added to our waiting list based on the date/time we initially received the application.

Public Housing: Tenants are required to pay a $250 Security Deposit. Certain pets are also permissible in public housing under our Pet Policy. There is a $100 nonrefundable fee required before a pet is permitted on the premises and restrictions apply before approval. You will also be requried to pay a prorated rent based on the day of the month that you move in.

Maryville Towers: Residents are required to pay a full months subsidized rent at move in. When the manager has completed your income analysisyou will  be informed of the amount of deposit that is due.  There are no utility deposits required however if you have an eligible pet there is a pet deposit that has to be paid. You will also have to pay a prorated rent amount based on the day of the month that you move in.

Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8): Your deposits at initial lease with this program can vary greatly. Under this program, participants are responsible for finding their own house apartment or mobile home in the private sector. In addition to any security deposit which is set by the owner of the property, tenants will have to pay utility deposits for all utilities not included in rent. And depending on the type of utilities that are present (i.e. electric, water, gas), the total cost for initial deposits paid by the tenant before move-in can exceed $1,000. Applicants should take steps to be prepared for payment of these deposits in advance.

  • We have a long waiting list. We receive approximately 200 - 250 new applications for public housing each year. We normally house 90 - 100 families each year. There are typically 300 - 400 families on the public housing waiting list and the average time to be contacted after you apply is 12 - 15 months.
  • Public Housing Applicants receive housing based on the number of household members and the bedroom size required. You may be at the “top” of the waiting list, but if the next unit that becomes available is not an approriate size your wait will be longer.
  • A large number of applicants do not follow-through on their obligations when it comes time to offer housing, by not providing required documentation, updating current address information on their application, not responding in a timely manner, providing fraudulent information, or backing out at the last minute. All these factors slow down the process of moving families from our waiting list into public housing. We attempt to contact applicants as they near the top of the waiting list, usually within 60 days of projected availability.
  • The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Applicant list moves slowly.  As families currently receiving assistance give up the program new families are invited to proceed with the application process based on the date and time of their application.  Once the family has been approved they are issued a voucher and must then locate privately owned rental properties that accept Section 8 subsidized renters.  The property selected must be located within the housing authority's jurisdiction and pass the Housing Quality Standard Inspection, the family must pay the requested security deposit and all utility deposits before the lease can be entered into.  The housing authority staff will assist the family in all these processes.

Maryville Housing Authority normally receives requests for “emergency housing” from approximately 200 individuals and families each year, an average of 3 to 4 applicants a week. That’s almost twice the number of public housing units that become available for occupancy. Families are selected from the waiting list according to the date and time on their application. In addition, all applicants must first provide required documentation such as Social Security Cards, Birth Certificates, income verification, and a clear criminal background check as mandated by HUD before housing can be offered and a lease can be signed. Our criminal background check and landlord references can take two weeks or longer to process. We recommend you call 2-1-1 if you need emergency housing assistance. 2-1-1 can provide you with current information and referrals for emergency housing services in Blount County.

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