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Maryville Housing Authority operates alongside the Blount County community. Check here to find public notices for board meeting announcements and other communications to keep everyone updated on what’s happening with Maryville Housing Authority.

Public Notice- June 24, 2024

All waitlists are now open. The expected wait time is below.   

Updated June 2024

0-1 Bedrooms   2 ½ yrs .

2 Bedrooms       1 ½ yrs.

3 Bedrooms       1 ½ yrs.

4 Bedrooms       2 yrs.

5 Bedrooms       2 yrs.

Broadway and Maryville Towers at least 6  months. 

Applications are taken online at

The waiting list for the Housing Choice Voucher Program will remain closed until further notice.

Julie Sharpe, Executive Director of Maryville Housing Authority and President of Maryville Towers Affordable Housing Corporation.  


2024 Annual and MTW Plans for the Maryville Housing Authority. 

Regular board meetings are held every third Wednesday of each month. They begin at 11:30 a.m., starting with the Maryville Housing Authority, then Maryville Towers Affordable Corporation, and lastly, Maryville Housing Development Corporation.

If a board meeting occurs other than the 3rd Wednesday. The date and time will be posted below.


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